Fast cash payday loans online -Instant decision, Request a cash payday loan online

Instant decision, Request a cash payday loan online

Sending a loan application to banks or other traditional lenders can make you feel like sending a letter on the bottle – you do not know if anyone will ever see it and if anyone will respond. All you can do is wait for an answer, which can take weeks or even months.


Capital Lending avoids secrecy and ignorance in its operations: we maintain personal contact with the customer, informing them of every next step and responding within 24 hours. All clients who need credit for companies communicate directly with the Investment Manager, who will then defend them on the Investment Committee.

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What is a Loan Appraisal?

What is a Loan Appraisal?

In simple terms, this is the process of still assessing a company’s creditworthiness to see if the credit is appropriate for the company. For example, when evaluating small and medium-sized businesses, we make sure that the monthly payments are not too high and that you are able to repay the loan within a reasonable time. But for our platform investors, we need to provide the right price – risk ratio so they can continue to invest in local companies like yours.

What documents are being evaluated?

We usually ask for basic information, which is the company balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and bank statement, which is carefully researched. When we evaluate your business, we look at your tax discipline and your bank payments. We use this information to measure your company’s ability to repay your loan and to analyze past decisions of your management/owner and see how they will help you grow your business in the future.

Why do Capital Lending’s Investment Managers call our clients?

Why do Capital Lending

It may not seem technologically sophisticated, but a simple phone call is still one of the best ways to get an overall picture of a business to understand how it works. We fund companies in a variety of industries, from construction companies to restaurants, bike shops, and veterinary clinics. We take the opportunity to speak face to face with the lovely minds behind every business. During a call, your manager may ask you questions about why you started your business, as well as the opportunities and hassles you face every day. They are looking for answers to specific questions, but above all, it is your chance to show how keen you are on the opportunities in your market.

We at Capital Lending are very passionate about small and medium-sized businesses and we look forward to seeing how our clients evolve over time. It is important for us to identify as many factors as possible in order to give you a fair evaluation. We are happy to see your business and see what makes you get out of bed every morning.

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