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Life has its oscillations. Much of life is full of joy, but there are also weaknesses. Unfortunately, as you get older, you will find that relatives are leaving. It can be illnesses, accidents, suicide, murder or a natural death after a long and eventful life.

Unfortunately, when a person goes away, it is not just the grief that relatives need to deal with. There is also a lot of administration to take care of. The deceased person may have property that relatives do not know, there may be licenses on hunting weapons which the police immediately announce that they have now been withdrawn – which makes the weapons illegal if they do not change ownership or are destroyed shortly after the death. There may also be a will that states how the deceased’s assets should be distributed. At the same time, with all this, a building record should be made that lists all the dead person’s assets. A funeral will also be arranged.

If it is so sad that there is not a lot of assets in the estate, a precarious situation can arise when the funeral is to be planned. There is simply not enough money to complete the funeral. This can be a lot to deal with for relatives who just lost someone who meant a lot to them.

Take a private loan for a funeral


What you can do if you end up in the extremely difficult situation that you cannot afford a funeral for a relative is that you take a private loan for the funeral. A private loan can be a very good solution and the amounts that are normally needed can easily be obtained through a private loan.

How does a private loan work?

How does a private loan work?

A private loan is taken out for private consumption. The loan is often used for purchases of home electronics, travel, clothing, appliances, cars, motorcycles, education, to cover up at the end of the month, to collect previous debts and more. Funerals include funerals.

When you take out a private loan, there are some things you should know about. It is very common for people who take private loans not to know how it works fully, so we will go through this here.

First and foremost, it is important that you decide how much to borrow. That amount will play a big role in the other costs and payments that come with the loan.

After deciding how much you need to borrow, you should look for a lender. This can easily be done through some Internet searches. There are a lot of lenders so it shouldn’t be very difficult to find someone who is relevant. Once you find some credit providers that seem serious, you can list them. The next step is to understand which of them has the best conditions.

The terms for private loans include: Nominal interest rates, administrative fees – these two together constitute the effective interest rate, repayments, loan amounts, repayments and credit information.

To get a private loan, you must first fill out an application. This application usually includes your full name, postal address, email, telephone number, social security number and bank account number.

In connection with the application, you should also choose a loan amount and for how long you want to borrow the money.

When you finally submit the application, you do so together with an approval of the terms and conditions that apply to the loan. Many people who apply for private loans do not read the terms, but you should read them because there are a lot of important points.

When it comes to the terms of the loan, what we said above is the interest rates, repayments and credit information during the loan period that is most important.

How to set interest rates

How to set interest rates

Interest rates are set based on the outlook for the world economy at the time you borrow. Interest rates are the price of money and just like all other prices, the market sets prices based on supply and demand. This means that if there is a large supply of money, interest rates fall, but and the supply of money decreases, interest rates rise.

Rising or falling interest rates are intimately linked to the large profits the companies make. If the companies make big profits then there is room for them to expand and then the wages also rise but they rise after the company profits rise. This situation gives a surplus of money while the state’s tax revenue rises, which in turn means that the state can repay its debts, which further increases the availability of money, which further lowers interest rates.

If, on the other hand, companies’ profits fall and we enter a recession, there is less money from the companies in the market, but instead the companies need to borrow more. If companies do poorly, they will dismiss people and this means that the state’s expenditure on support increases while the state gets less in tax, which means that the state, just like the companies, needs to borrow money. In this situation, the amount of available capital falls, which causes the interest rate to rise.

Nominal interest rate

This interest rate, the one that is governed by how the world economy and the Swedish economy work, is called nominal interest rate. It forms part of the interest rate you need to pay for your sms loan.

Administrative fees

The second part of the interest you need to pay for your loan is called administrative fees. These fees are set by the company from which you borrow money and these fees are intended to cover the lender’s costs for managing your debt. It can be anything from sending newspapers to you to having a functioning customer service. In fact, however, a large portion of the administrative fees is just another way for the lender to make money by lending money to you.

Effective interest rate

The nominal interest rate together with the administrative fees you pay is called the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is the actual cost of your loan. Thus, this is the effective interest rate you should look at when comparing different lenders with each other. The effective interest rates vary greatly between different credit institutions and since the administrative fees are a relatively larger part when you lend small amounts, the effective interest rates on fast loans tend to be very high, 30 – 40 percent or even up to 100 percent.


In other words, repayments are called installments. These are the amounts you pay each month for your debt to be repaid within the time you borrowed the money. Amortization is not a cost as such but since it is still money to pay each month, you should include the amortization when you figure out how much you can manage to pay each month. It is very important that you manage your monthly payments when you borrow money.

Credit information and income from service

When you apply for a loan, the lender will take a credit report on you. This credit report will show what income from service and capital you have, how much debt you have and whether you have or have not met your payment commitments before. You will not get your loan application approved if you have too little income, if you have too large a loan or if you have previously been unable to manage your payments properly.

Credit information during the loan period

One condition that can occur when you borrow money is that the lender reserves the right to take credit information on you during the loan period. This condition is very important to check. Because if you insured that you will have a certain income or a maximum amount of debt during the time you borrow money, it may be considered a breach of contract if you do not keep that level of income during the loan period or if you take on more debts. What may happen then is that the lender will demand the debt from you early. This can create a situation that is very difficult for you. If you have borrowed a lot of money, it can be extremely difficult for you to get the money you need to pay off the debt.

If you allow the lender the right to take credit information on you during the loan period and if these credit information can lead to the loan being terminated, then you may end up in a very precarious situation so this is something you should really watch out for.

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